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Surprising Natural Sources Of Calcium And Benefits Of Calcium Supplements

Calcium, without any debate, is one of the crucial minerals our body needs for healthy sustenance. Calcium is involved in several extremely important biological processes like the formation of bones and teeth, blood coagulation (essential to stopping excess bleeding from wounds), maintenance of blood pressure, regulation of heartbeat, nervous function, muscle contraction, hormonal balance, and many more. Thus, ensuring proper calcium intake is a matter of concern.

This article will help you get a deep insight into everything related to calcium and calcium supplements.

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Top 7 Most Inflammatory Foods To Avoid

One of the leading causes of death worldwide is chronic inflammatory ailments. The World Health Organization has spotted chronic inflammation as the biggest threat to human health. Because of the bad dietary and lifestyle choices that the majority of us make, it is predicted that the prevalence of diseases linked...

5 Healthy Foods Swaps For The Holidays

In my many years of experience as a Registered Dietitian, I have realized that the holidays mean weight gain for some people. While it is true that you might gain weight during the holidays if you are not careful, some food swaps can turn highly caloric foods into tasty but...

5 Common Foods You Are Eating Wrong

Most people believe that eating healthy is all about food. While the food you add does play an essential role in your nutrition, most people forget that how you prepare it or its origin also plays an equally important role in your health. Depending on the type of processing a...

The Mediterranean Diet: A Strategy To Reduce Inflammation

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular eating patterns. High in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats, it is not only used as a weight loss strategy but as a way to reduce inflammation in your body. One of the things I like about the...

How To Reduce Inflammation In 4 Steps

Nowadays, it's prevalent to hear about inflammation. When an outside agent enters your body, it sends cells to help attack the foreign object or to help it heal it (like in wounds).If your body sends these cells without any foreign entity, it might be due to chronic inflammation. While there...

Top 5 Worst Eating Habits Affecting Your Arthritis Symptoms

According to the CDC, over 23% of the population has arthritis or arthritis-related condition. It can be very painful and uncomfortable, especially if symptoms flare-up. While there is medication that can help decrease your symptoms, the food you eat can have an impact on your condition. Some foods increase your...

7 Food To Help Detoxify Your Body

As a Registered Dietitian, one of the most frequent things people often ask me is what is the best detox diet. Here is the truth: none. There is no good detox diet for you to cleanse your body. Your body has its natural process of detoxifying. However, there are some...

Top 5 Superfoods For Healthiest Smoothies

Delicious smoothies made with nutrient-dense and flavorful superfoods are a great option if you want a balanced diet. In this article, let’s discuss the best 5 superfoods out there, which will make your smoothies lip-smacking as well as healthy. Let’s jump Read More

Top 5 Diets For Heart Disease According to A Dietitian

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. It’s said that one in four deaths is attributed to heart disease.  The good news is that it can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right foods, exercising, and not smoking are...

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