Top Energizing Supplements to Take During Holiday 2021

Top Energizing Supplements to Take During Holiday 2021

The holiday season is busy, to say the least.  If you are hunting for some extra energy to wrap those gifts or hunt down that perfect gift for that one friend who is impossible to buy for, you’re probably going to turn to your favorite Christmas cookie and a sugary drink.  After all, how much more festive and energizing can you get?  The thing is, though, authentic, reliable energy will come from somewhere else instead: supplements.  Not sure what to expect when it comes to the potential of supplements and the holidays?  Keep on reading!


Why do supplements energize the body?

The reason that most people skip straight to sugar and/or caffeine is that it’s the best choice for energy, right?  Wrong. Supplements are going to be a more reliable source of energy for many reasons:

A. There’s no impending crash: When we have sugar and/or caffeine, there is a crash where the “buzz” wears off. We either need another dose or have to deal with the consequences.  While sugar and caffeine do have their place, they do come with the downside of a crash.  When you are looking for energy to keep you going, this is not the effect you’re going for!


B. They fuel the body with what it needs: Most of us don’t get enough of what our body needs in our diets. This is why supplements are around in the first place.  They are intended to fuel the body in the areas that we don’t prioritize.  When we feel low on energy, supplements help “puck up ht slack” in our diets and will help give more of a zip to our activities, mindsets, and actions.


C. They support the body’s functions: Sounds obvious, but it’s essential. As you’ll read about below, different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients play different roles in our bodies.  These all help our bodies to work as they should.  Think of it like cogs in a wheel.  When one cog isn’t working, the rest of the cogs don’t function as well.  Supplements help keep each one as strong as possible.   From energy to immunity, it all matters and all factors into you having a dependable body!


What are the top energizing supplements for the holidays?

While not a complete list, here are some of the best choices for helping boost your energy levels naturally and safely.  Whether you choose a supplement in a capsule or something like a tea or powder, they’ll give you that extra (sugar-free) boost that you need and crave.



Technically, this isn’t going to boost your energy, but this is a common choice for supporting a healthy immune system. Since holidays often mean being around crowds, lots of kids (who are constantly sick), and generally having a poor sleep and eating schedule, sickness is common.  Strong immunity will help you keep healthy, and being sick with a simple cold is all it takes to steal your energy!



    This tends to surprise most people, but choosing calcium plus supplement will be choosing energy! Calcium is required for energy production in the body. Calcium helps promote proper cellular function, and without this proper “communication,” cells can’t operate a full capacity.  Translating that to what you can actually feel, it basically means that you’ll have no energy.



      This is a popular supplement specifically for energy. Used for many generations, it helps modulate your body’s response to stress.  This is both physical and emotional stress.  Since stress and tension are often what tires us out, especially if it impacts our sleep, this can be a great way to claw some energy back before it disappears.



        When sourced correctly, an omega-3 supplement is going to be a reliable choice for energy. Not only is it going to help your body physically feel better by promoting a healthy inflammation response, but it also helps combat fatigue.  Consuming too little omega-3 can drain your energy, and supplementing it in can help bump it up! 


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          When our bodies don’t have enough iron content, we feel tired and weak since our cells aren’t getting the oxygen they need. Many people are deficient in iron and don’t even know it, so this could be why you’re lacking in energy.  Supplementing iron will help address this.



            Wait, this is a sleep aid, isn’t it? You’re technically correct.  However, one of the main reasons that many of us get dragged out over the holidays is because we aren’t sleeping properly (too many sugary cookies…).  Since sleep is our body’s “recharging time,” this means that we are automatically waking up with a deficit, and this will lead to us feeling dragged out much faster and easier.  Get your sleep back by enjoying a dependable, restful good night’s sleep each night!


            Supplements to Take During Holiday 2021 infographics

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            What’s the best way to boost your energy?

            If you need to boost energy, the best thing you can do is sort out just what is draining it.  Many people are running slow because they’re sleep-deprived or dehydrated.  Making sure that you get 8 hours of sleep and keep yourself hydrated daily will help you immediately feel better.


            Another thing that drains your energy is emotional and mental strain.  Many find that the holidays are stressful.  From sorting out what to buy someone, to deciding how many holiday events to attend, to figuring out how you’re even going to get all of the decorating done when you still need to work your 9-5, it adds up.  Don’t underestimate those drains!


            The best way to deal with both of those drains is to prioritize yourself.  Perhaps it’s sleeping sleep and hydration schedule.  In emotional and mental situations, you’ll want to prioritize those things that matter most to you and feel most fulfilled.  The rest can wait.


            Combine these tips with something like adding in a calcium plus supplement, and you’ll find that your energy is starting to come back in a way that feels both, well, energizing, and fulfilling!

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             What do I feel so tired during the holidays?

            Even for those who enjoy the holidays and all of the joy that they bring, many still find themselves tired.  Ever wondered why that was?  The first reason is often that you aren’t eating what you should be.  Adding in a potent omega-3 supplement above can help with that, amongst the others. 

            However, another cause could be that the world is moving around you at such a fast pace, you simply feel swept away, and it immediately tires you out.  This is not uncommon and a massive part of why separating yourself from the frenzy, as mentioned above, is so important.


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            On the other hand, fatigue is often confused with relaxation, especially in our modern world, where very few get the R&R we need. If you find yourself feeling sleepy on the couch with the cat on your lap and a hot drink in your hands, you could actually just be feeling relaxed. 


            There are tonnes of joy to be had around the holiday season, that’s for sure.  However, you also need to make sure that you can enjoy the holidays without feeling dragged out and exhausted all the time.  These supplements and pieces of advice can help you take just the right approach to support you in enjoying the season along with all those around you.