Top 11 Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

Top 11 Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

If you’re hearing the chatter on collagen and want to know just what it’s all about when you learn about it in detail, you deserve to have the correct information at your disposal. Taking on a little bit of everything, below are some of the top benefits waiting in this choice. So much more than just a topical beauty product; it’s one of those choices that just does a little bit of everything to help your body.  Think of it as a healthy multitasker!


What actually are collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are chains of amino acids that are created through a specific process called hydrolysis. They are tiny little bits of protein that form into this short-chain formation and this makes it easier for the body to put to work.  These appear in topical products as well as supplements for their widespread health benefits.


What is the difference between​​ collagen peptides and collagen protein?

The difference between them is mostly in how they are digested!  Since collagen peptides are mostly water-based, they are broken down quickly and digested so that they can be put to use as quickly as possible.  More of a traditional source, collagen protein is broken down and digested like classic protein sources and used as such.


Top 11 benefits waiting in collagen supplements

If you’re interested in adding live grass-fed collagen peptides to your diet but want to know a bit more about what you can expect, here are the details to help show you just what potential is waiting for you.


1. It helps promote skin hydration and natural elasticity

May as well start with what you do know and work from there, right? Collagen plays a huge role in skin health, so when you supplement collagen, you give it a chance to be its strongest self. This means a boost in hydration and the added benefit that the skin will be much more elastic than it would be on its own.  There’s more detail on this below!

It helps promote skin hydration and natural elasticity

2. It helps improve bone density 

Your mind goes straight to calcium when you think of bone density, right?  Well, collagen is a crucial part of bones, too. By supplementing collagen, that density is going to improve compared to not supplementing it. This is why it is such an important supplement that is given the name of “anti-aging”! It’s about more than just wrinkles!


3. Helps prevent brittleness in nails

Nail health is often connected to keratin or shea butter, but collagen can prevent both brittleness and breakage or peeling in your nails. For those who can’t grow them out long, this can be a huge support in helping you reach that goal.


4. Helps support muscle building

Collagen is crucial in our muscle mass, too. When you are looking at “bulking up,” enjoying extra collagen will help you form those muscles a little easier, which will also help promote easier movement in your joints and bones too.  Muscles do a lot, so the stronger they are, the better!

5. Reduces stiffness from workouts 

If you’re used to feeling stiff and sore after your workout, then you’ll be happy to learn that collagen can help ease it. Since it helps build muscle mass, the soreness in the muscles will also be cared for in the same focus. It can also be used preventatively, meaning that you’ll notice less pain if you take collagen before the workout!


6. Helps promote recovery from injury

If you injure yourself or recover from surgery, collagen can help promote that recovery and speed it up. Since it is a core part of tissue and muscle growth, this will boost healing.  Perfect for those that want to get up and move faster without compromising their health!


7. Helps manage risk factors for heart conditions

If you have a family history of heart conditions or just want to do everything you can to protect your cardiovascular health, collagen can help manage the risk factors that can lead to heart conditions. While it isn’t a protection against developing them, of course, it does help mitigate the risk factors that are commonly associated with them.  

Collagen Helps support muscle building

 8. Helps with digestion

This helps break down those complex foods that you eat. This includes proteins and carbohydrates. The faster they break down, the more comfortable your digestion will be.  It also can help in promoting more regularity, which also comes from digestion management!


9. It can address joint pain

Joint pain occurs when there is inflammation in the joint due to use or injury.  This is a common complication with those who suffer from arthritis or injuries related to repetitive motion activities (i.e., carpal tunnel). As the joint wears, cartilage breaks down, too, and this combines with the localized inflammation to create significant pain. Collagen helps protect cartilage and helps strengthen those joints through this infusion of cartilage. It also will help manage inflammation in the body, including those problematic joints.

Collagen can address joint pain

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10. Promotes better oral hygiene/dental health

Collagen also has a role to play both in our teeth and the skin, muscle, and tissue (aka gums) that surround them. Since maintained dental health is a huge support in promoting general health in the body, this is much more important to prioritize than many people think.


11. Promotes breakage-free hair

Whether your hair is shorter or longer, everyone wants healthy lengths.  NZ collagen peptides work by strengthening your hair from root to rip, which will help keep it breakage-free and glossy. It also helps you develop strong hair at the root, which means less likelihood of brittle hair as new hair growth begins, too.  It’ll both look and feel stronger and healthier, which is excellent for wearing that sleek style you’ve always wanted to wear.

Why are collagen supplements good for your skin?

Before reading this, whether you knew about the potential for skincare or not, most people associate collagen with skin for a good reason because collagen is a critical part of your skin itself. We have natural collagen in our bodies responsible for keeping our skin supple, line-free, firm to cheekbones, etc. 

As we age, and that amount naturally depletes, we start to have drier skin that shows signs of aging. By supplementing collagen through NZ collagen peptides, you will boost those collagen levels and help keep your skin strong, smooth, and line-free for much longer!

How is collagen good for your joints and ligaments?

If you have joints and ligaments that feel their age, grass-fed collagen peptides can offer some relief.  They help manage inflammation in the body, including those painful joints and ligaments. As well, the increase in collagen helps protect cartilage too, which is going to support your joints staying strong as long as possible.

Whether you ever thought that something as simple as one “ingredient” could be a multitasker or not, it’s easy to see just how it does manage to dabble in “a little bit of everything” when it comes to your body’s well-being. When you are hunting for a way to do what you can to support as much as possible, it looks as though this is a significant focus point!