Top 9 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Top 9 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means that everyone’s gearing up for the best part of the day: dinner. Other than putting on your “fat pants,” however, what do most of us do? Not much. If you’re looking for some fundamental tips to help you enjoy Thanksgiving but also do whatever you can to make it healthy, then you’re in just the right spot. Plus, none of them are going to be oriented around making compromises on your feast!  Yes, really. Take a look.


How can I have a healthy Thanksgiving?

Let’s be honest about it. The meal is pretty much the best part of Thanksgiving, so there’s no point in trying to touch that.  But there are some ways to make it a little healthier, such as adding in some collagen protein bone broth and a few tips to help even enjoy the meal itself a little bit more!


1. Have a healthy, filling breakfast

Snacks are going to happen, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help yourself out by enjoying a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast. Try to load your table with a bit of everything you need for a balanced start, and eat plenty.  Think of it this way: the more you eat now, the less unhealthy snacks you will eat later.  It’ll make resisting those problem snacks much easier, and you’ll enjoy that little treats that you do have even more!


2. Do your workout before you head to the main meal

If you want to add in some bonus points for that apple pie that you know you’re going to be prioritizing, you’ll want to do your workout before you head out for the main meal. Perhaps you’ll do it first thing in the morning.  Or mid-morning.  You don’t have to go wild with doing an extra 30 minutes or anything, but you can certainly consider the fact that you may want to try to finish with a quick burst or perhaps add a few more minutes on.  Whatever you decide, get your workout done in the morning before your meal!


3. Pitch in and bring a healthy side

Not only is bringing a side going to be a fantastic option for being a great guest, but it also gives you ample opportunity to make an unhealthy side a little healthier. For instance: gravy or stuffing.  They’re both key fatty additions to meals, but there’s no way you’re going to pass on them!  So, when you’re making the stock, consider adding in a scoop of collagen protein bone broth!  It’ll give some extra flavor, and it will also boost the health profile.


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4. Don’t tempt your vice foods

We’ve all got our weak spots. For some, it’s dessert.  For others, it’s scalloped potatoes.  Some enjoy literal bowls of gravy.  Whatever the case, be cautious of those standard “problem areas” and remember that if they’re set you off into a “bad food spiral,” you might want to steer clear.  If you think you can control your urges, then go ahead and enjoy a small portion.  But make sure that you are mindful of your problem areas.


 5.Turn down what you don’t want

If there’s something that you either don’t like or don’t want to eat for whatever reason, turn it down! This dinner should be about enjoying those foods that you cherish the most, after all!  A healthy dinner focuses on those foods you enjoy the most, rather than eating those foods that perhaps you don’t want or need, just to be polite.  It’s a waste of calories and space for those that you love the most!


Top Tips for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

6. Enjoy the rest without guilt

When it comes to the other parts of the meal that you love most, enjoy them! While you don’t want to have three plates per everyone’s one plate, you can enjoy them without feeling guilty about it.  After all, it’s good manners to heap your plate at a meal.  Plus, you did your exercise for the day, and you are a good breakfast.  So, let loose and enjoy the second scoop of mashed potato!


7. Want seconds? Add some veggies

If you’re feeling a little growly after your first plate and you want to have seconds, go for it!  Before you do, though, be smart about it.  Enjoy a glass of water first.  Then, deliberately fill your plate with veggies and whatever it is that you want the most of.  This helps you to sneak in some extra vitamins and nutrients while still indulging.


8. Know your limits

If you’re stuffed, stop eating. No seriously.  Just stop eating, take a break, and then wait to see if you do indeed want a second piece of pie with ice cream in half an hour.  Your limits are there for a reason.  Plus, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take some home with you “for the road,” right?


9. Be kind to yourself

Maybe you overdo it, and you end up with a stomach ache. Or, you enjoy more treats than you think you should.  Relax, and be kind to yourself.  A huge part of enjoying a happy and healthy Thanksgiving is to remember that you’re doing your best and you’re going to do what you can to keep it as healthy as possible.  A mistake or overindulgence doesn’t mean a failure!


What is the healthiest food for Thanksgiving?

If there’s one thing that you can do to help yourself out, it’s focusing on enjoying as much of the healthiest part of your meal as possible.  For instance, if you’ve added collagen protein bone broth to your stock, this is a great focal point.  Or, you can always heap on the carrots, turnip, and cabbage, if you wish.  This will help you keep your indulgence to the healthiest version possible.

 Frezzor collagen Bone broth Healthiest food for Thanksgiving

One huge thing that you can do to help yourself out is select your chicken carefully!  Lean protein is always the best choice to go.  So,  skip the fatty skin and enjoy some of the breast of your chicken or turkey instead!  It’ll taste great and will help you enjoy it without adding in extra fat.


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Planning is key to a healthy Thanksgiving

Regardless of how you decide to approach your Thanksgiving dinner, you can make it healthy by knowing where to put your attention most.  Something like knowing your weak areas (snacks, alcohol, dessert) and knowing that you can help yourself out by doing your workout early in the day and heaping your second serving with veggies.  All of these help you to enjoy the big dinner as guilt-free as possible so that you’ll be able to take in the rest of the holiday knowing that you’ve got it all under control!


Just because you want to watch your waistline during the holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your dinner and spend time with the people that you love at the same time.  It’s all about enjoying your treat in a way that will be satisfying in every aspect!