FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth is an excellent source of bioavailable nutrients in an "easy-to-use" and "easy-to-digest" form.

FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth assists to "heal and seal" your gut, while it also promotes the absorption of essential nutrients.

Is FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth effective for anti-aging?

Collagens are not only building blocks for the joints and intestines, but also for skin and hair. Specifically, they are structural proteins and are responsible for strength and elasticity. This is why FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth is commonly used for its anti-aging effect. In addition, our New Zealand bone broth contains the trace element called silica, which is an important structural element of skin and hair.

Is FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth a good alternative to common protein shakes?

• Absolutely!

Excellent for strength athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our New Zealand bone broth is very high in essential protein content. It is a spicy alternative and a welcome change to all the overly-sweetened protein shake powders that are usually offered.


FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth

What is bone broth?

Bone broth is made from meat bones, cooked very slowly over 6-24 hours, unlike traditional broth. This process leaches out the bones, tendons, and cartilage and releases the marrow, releasing collagen, amino acids, and minerals from the bones, making this unique stock exceptionally nutritious.

What are the health benefits of bone broth?

The collagen contained in bone broth, in particular, has several benefits. The collagen that is not utilized during cooking is broken down into gelatin and amino acids. Collagen strengthens bones, "lubricates" joints, and promotes healthy hair and nails. Gelatin is easily digestible and gives a jelly-like consistency to bone broth, and amino acids support the digestive system. They reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and support the growth of healthy, beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Where does FREZZOR bone broth come from?

FREZZOR Bone Broth comes from New Zealand. Because quality is close to our hearts, we only use bones from *live-grass-fed" pasture-raised cattle from New Zealand.

What does "live-grass-fed" mean?

"Live-grass-fed" means that the cattle are on pasture 24/7 and can feed on fresh grasses and herbs. Because New Zealand's climatic conditions make this possible, the cattle do not need supplemental feeding, especially in the winter.

Can I make bone broth myself?

Of course! However, since the bones have to cook and leach for a very long time, all the essential nutrients from the bones also get into the broth; you simply need a lot of time to make it. It's different with FREZZOR bone broth. You save yourself a lot of time and pour it on or heat it in a pot and still enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, collagen-rich bone broth.