10 Healthy Gifts For The Holidays According To A Dietitian

10 Healthy Gifts For The Holidays According To A Dietitian

The holiday season is around the corner. As such, it is very common for people to experience weight gain.

With the increased frequency of social gatherings, dinner parties, and gifts, no wonder most people increase 5-6 lbs on average during this season.

While you cannot control the events you attend, you can control the gifts you give, encouraging others to find a healthier way to course through the holidays.

In this article, I’ll go over 10 different holiday gift ideas that can promote a healthy lifestyle. Some of them are food-related, but others are to support exercise, mental health, or self-care. 


Healthy Holiday Gifts

1. Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit

For those that are chocolate lovers, the best gift to receive is a piece of chocolate. However, in most cases, they can be highly caloric due to their high fat and sugar content.

Instead of giving milk or white chocolate, you can gift dark chocolate-covered fruit.

Make sure to purchase 70% chocolate (or even higher). This ensures that it might be lower in calories and sugar. Still, check the label to ensure doesn’t have more than 15 g of sugar per serving.


2. Nut Butter With Peppermint

Another great food option is purchasing (or making) nut butter with peppermint. I can assure you this combination is something worth trying.

If you want to make them at home, purchase some nut butter (make sure it only has the nut as its main ingredient).

Mix some dark chocolate sugar-free chips and crushed sugar-free peppermint in a bowl. Add the nut butter and combine.

Now you have a chocolate-peppermint nut butter that is perfect to gift for the holidays.


3. Coffee or Tea

Giving coffee or tea is an ideal option for those coffee or tea lovers.

There are options where you can purchase different types of gourmet coffees or teas. Most of them come in a box, but if not, you can purchase a wooden box and put them there to have more eco-friendly packaging.

Coffee and tea are high in antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation, bringing all sorts of health benefits.


4. Cookbooks

Cookbooks are another great holiday option, especially for those that love cooking.

While it is not giving them food, it is expanding their option of trying new recipes. You can also create an experience from the cookbook. Try searching for a recipe you like, purchase the ingredients, and add them to the same gift box.

Once you give it, say that you would like to create memories by doing a recipe from the cookbook.

If you don’t like the idea of gifting a cookbook, you can also gift cooking classes.


5. Water Bottle With Flavors

A water bottle can be a handy gift. It can help the other person stay hydrated or keep their liquids cold (or hot).

If you happen to know that the other person doesn’t enjoy the water that much, you can add some sugar-free flavored packages or some dehydrated fruit. The latter can help boost the flavor without adding too many chemicals to the body.


6. Coloring Books

Coloring books might sound like a childish gift. However, there are now adult coloring books that can help reduce stress.

Remember that stress can have an impact on your health. It can increase inflammation, reduce the immune system, and affect weight loss.

One of the best ways to help control stress is by doing activities, and there is nothing better than grabbing a coloring book and submerging yourself in the experience.

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7. Yoga or Meditation Classes

Another way to help reduce stress and anxiety is to practice yoga or meditation.

Gifting a yoga class can help encourage someone to try something new. You can also gift a meditation class or purchase a subscription to a meditation app.

This is a great gift that can help improve mental health and avoid burnout.


8. Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment can be expensive. So, if someone wants to start leading a more active lifestyle, they would be grateful to receive exercise equipment.

You can gift jumping rope, bands, weighted vests, or any other equipment that can encourage someone into a healthier lifestyle.

Remember that exercise plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle. It can help decrease the risk of chronic illness (diabetes and heart disease), improve muscle mass, and aid in weight loss.


9. Skin Care

Practicing self-care also plays an essential role in a healthy lifestyle. We lead very busy lives and often forget to care for ourselves.

Giving a skincare routine, creams, or bath bombs can help motivate someone to take a couple of minutes in the day for themselves. It can also help reduce stress, which, as mentioned throughout the article, can have an impact on overall well-being.


10. Candles

Finally, another healthy holiday gift is a candle. You might be wondering what a candle has to do with health.

There are different types of hunger. You can have eye, mind, ear, stomach, and nose hunger. Nose hunger is when you want to smell something good.

For example, whenever you crave something, you can smell a candle with an apple pie scent, and that can help reduce the cravings.

That is why gifting a candle can produce health benefits. It might help reduce cravings and decrease the consumption of sweet treats.

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The Bottom Line

We’ve reached the end of the top 10 holiday health gifts.

Giving things that are non-food related can help create memories and, most importantly, avoid making the holidays a food-focused season.

If you decide to give food as a gift, search for options that can nurture the body and bring health benefits. Avoid foods that are high in sugars, fats, and calories.