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Whey Protein Chocolate Powder

Branch Chain & Essential Amino Acids • UAF1000+® Superfoods

600 Grams
  • Premium New Zealand manufactured product
  • From the highest quality New Zealand dairy ingredients
  • Enriched with our patent pending anti-inflammatory blend of UAF1000+®
  • UAF1000+® increases the anti-inflammatory response post-workout
  • Essential for lean muscle development and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Perfect for active lifestyle nutrition and exercise recovery
  • Purest whey protein powder on the planet
  • Ideal for Low Carb, Paleo, Keto And Low FODMAP Diets
  • Free from hormones, antibiotics, soy and gluten. GMO-free
  • Contains no artificial flavours or fillers


  • Vanilla


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What is FREZZOR Whey Protein all about?

FREZZOR WHEY PROTEIN POWDER contains whey protein, which is a purely natural product and free of additives, binders and separating agents. No synthetic colors or artificial flavors, There is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

We do not use stevia to sweeten FREZZOR WHEY PROTEIN POWDER because many people do not like its taste. The slight sweetness comes from the Monk fruit, a totally natural, low-calorie, plant-based sweetener.

Our FREZZOR WHEY PROTEIN POWDER is free from gluten, hormones, genetic engineering and antibiotics.

FREZZOR WHEY PROTEIN POWDER is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors and provides you with essential amino acids and muscle building proteins called branch chain amino acids (BCAA).

During a workout, you not only train muscles and thus build them up, you also lose minerals and drain your body.

FREZZOR WHEY PROTEIN POWDER is easy to digest. We also add plant extracts and kiwifruit enzymes to promote better digestibility.
Producing the highest quality product is always at the heart of what we deliver. Whey protein from New Zealand is clearly superior in quality to any other region of the world.

This is because the temperate climatic of New Zealand is so favourable that dairy cows can graze on the grass pasture all year round. The whey protein used in FREZZOR WHEY PROTEIN POWDER comes from "happy" New Zealand dairy cows that have free range and can feed on fresh grass and herbs straight from the pasture.

This process, called pastoral farming, has a positive influence on the milk used for our whey protein. The proportion of omega-3 fatty acids is around 50 percent higher than that of conventional milk, and the proportion of conjugated linoleum (CLAs) is also significantly higher when compared to corn feed dairy cows. Products from pasture rearing have a better ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids than products from cows fed with concentrate or corn.

Why is the Daily Consumption of Protein a Necessity for the Body?

Protein is not only important for bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts, everyone needs a certain protein level in order to promote necessary processes in the body.

The optimum is 1g to 1.5g of protein per kilo of body weight and the amount should be divided between your daily meals.
An adult woman who weighs 70 kg therefore ideally needs 70-105g protein per day, a man weighing 85 kg needs 85-128 g protein per day.

How can you use proteins to your advantage?

We already know that a certain amount of protein per day is essential to keep the body functioning properly. For many people, protein also has some positive side effects that can have a positive effect on body shape.

- It starts with healthy muscles. This consists largely of proteins. In order to build up athletic muscles, proteins must not be missing and, since the body cannot produce all the necessary proteins, must be taken in through diet.

- Proteins also promote fat burning and stimulate metabolism. If you want to optimize your figure, it is important to ensure that you have an adequate protein intake. If your protein consumption is too low, this slows down fat burning, but if you consume enough protein every day, this will stimulate fat burning. If our muscle mass increases, the daily energy expenditure also increases. This results in more fat being broken down even when the body is at rest. An increased protein consumption with reduced carbohydrate consumption forces the body to break down excess fat. Proteins help prevent severe insulin fluctuations by keeping blood sugar levels constant.

- proteins are among the healthiest appetite suppressors. Proteins keep you full for a longer period of time, prevent food cravings, and you reduce calories by eating less.

- Protein promotes "food-induced thermogenesis", Foods which are particularly high in proteins are useful for "food-induced thermogenesis": After eating, your body consumes energy that is used for digestion, storage and transport of the ingested food is needed. Food-induced thermogenesis is how much your body temperature rises after eating. Compared to carbohydrates and fats, proteins have the greatest effect on increasing energy expenditure. 30-40% of the protein is converted into heat by the food-induced thermogenesis and part of the food calories are practically burned.

What do proteins have to do with your immune system?

Covering your daily protein requirement is also very helpful for your immune defense, because protein is the main building block of your immune system. Your cells are also made up of different types of proteins, specifically all of your cells, including those of your immune system and their antibodies. If you suffer from a cold or a flu-like infection, your need for protein will increase massively, as will your need for immune cells to stop the spread of pathogens as quickly as possible. For the production of huge amounts of immune cells, the body needs amino acids, which are required for the construction of proteins, which in turn are responsible for the function of the immune cells. You see once again how important proteins are for your body and not just for building muscle.

Should you consume FREZZOR Whey Protein before or after exercise, or during exercise?

Should you consume FREZZOR Whey Protein before or after exercise, or during exercise?

The answer is very simple: - Yes; in all three situations.

Proteins are like "building blocks" and promote muscle building, support weight management and preventively lead to a healthier lifestyle. No matter what your goals are, you should consume protein throughout the day, ideally integrated into every meal.

Proteins after exercise

After exercising, the first thing to do is to replenish your energy stores. Since your glycogen synthesis is highest immediately after exercise, we recommend that you take in readily available carbohydrates immediately after exercise, such as a banana, date bar or an optimally prepared shake in combination with protein! At least 20 grams of protein are necessary, after exercising. The combination of quickly available carbohydrates and protein stimulates the release of insulin, which has a muscle-building and beneficial effect on muscle regeneration.

Proteins before exercise

There is good evidence that taking protein before exercise promotes protein synthesis and supports muscle building even during exercise. The combination with easily digestible carbohydrates before training provides additional energy so that you can work off even better. See if that would be an option for you too.

Proteins for healthy weight management

A healthy body will build healthy muscle and this is important for weight management because a healthy muscle mass will help you utilize fat faster and more efficiently. A well-balanced diet with a good source of protein will supply your body with minerals, vitamins and trace elements. There are foods that perfectly combine proteins and carbohydrates and are particularly suitable for building muscle and weight management because they also provide micronutrients at the same time.


100% New Zealand Live-Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate, Kiwifruit Enzyme, Psyllium Husk Powder, Pine Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Fulvic Acid, Red Grape Skin Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Boysenberry Extract, Blackcurrant Extract. Vanilla Flavor, Monkfruit, Flaky Sea Salt.

How to Use

Served in the shaker: In the FREZZOR shaker, shake 2 measuring spoons well with 300-400ml water, low-fat milk or another liquid.

Served as a smoothie: Do you sometimes prepare a smoothie in the morning? Then a portion of whey protein powder should not be missing! Just add 2 scoops to your smoothie and turn it into a real protein bomb.

Accompanying a diet: When you are on a diet, it can happen that you do not consume enough or only one-sided nutrients. Our whey protein helps to increase the nutrient level, boost the metabolism and, above all, has a filling effect.

With muesli or porridge: Yes, that works too! Simply stir into the muesli or porridge! With this you can increase the protein level!

After exercise: For people who are ambitious in sport, it is highly recommended to consume our whey protein powder within 30 minutes after training.

Whey Protein Chocolate Powder

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