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What is Bone Broth and Why is Such a Popular Traditional Remedy?

Bone Broth has always been considered a traditional household remedy and with very good reason. Not only is it comforting and fortifying, but it is also tremendously nutritious.

Cooking a bone broth like in grandmother's times requires not only a lot of dedication but also a lot of time, which most people nowadays cannot afford.

However, as our nutritionally conscious customers do not want to miss the advantages that such a beef bone stock brings, we take over the more than 12-hour gentle boiling and production process and then transform the beef bone stock into a spicy protein powder that is practically easy to prepare.

In order to guarantee the best possible quality, we only use bones from New Zealand grazing cattle that have been kept in a species-appropriate way and have been able to feed on grasses and herbs in a natural and original way. The boiling process, which lasts for hours, releases valuable nutrients such as collagen and amino acids from the bones, which are then contained in our beef bone stock. But that's not all, because we also enhance FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth with our FREZZOR Superfood mix called UAF1000+®.

The Composition of FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth includes these Essential Nutrients

Gelatin, which is found in bone broth is a hydrophilic polymer, also known as a hydrocolloid, which means that it attracts and retains water and liquids, including digestive juices, thereby aiding with digestion.

A major constituent of high-quality bone broth is collagen. The collagen from bone broth stimulates and promotes the growth of new human cartilage-producing cells (chondrocytes), which have the potential to produce more cartilage tissue.

Proline is a major amino acid commonly found in collagen. It helps promote the digestion of protein into amino acids and promotes the improvement in skin elasticity and smoothness. Proline is frequently recommended for its benefits to the heart, including keeping arteries from stiffening.
Proline calms and soothes the intestinal lining of the gut by helping to form the connective tissue in the intestinal mucosa. This "seals and heals" the essential protective lining within the gastrointestinal tract, which is important for those with "leaky gut syndrome" since the villi (gut surface) of the gut's intestinal wall is built from collagen.

Proline helps your artery walls release any fat accumulation in the bloodstream, reducing the fat in the arteries and decreasing fat accumulation.


Necessary for DNA and RNA synthesis and digestive health, Glycine is utilised in the production of glutathione, for blood sugar regulation and digestion.

Helpful for decreasing inflammation and promoting the health of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system. Arginine improves blood flow in those with congested arteries because it boosts nitric oxide production (thereby widening arteries and promoting relaxation of muscle cells within the wall of blood vessels and allowing for greater circulation).

Glutamine has several protective effects on the lining of the digestive tract by decreasing suppressing undesirable bacteria (pathogen) and supporting epithelial cell apoptosis (cellular recycling), Glutamine is effe3ctive at further enhancing and strengthening the gut barrier and promoting a healthy immune response within the gut.


Electrolytes are essential in allowing your cells to generate energy. They are responsible for maintaining the stability of cell walls and cell function.
Electrolytes help muscles contract, they move water and fluids around the tissues and play a major role of maintaining the essential fluid balance in the body.

This major electrolyte is typically found outside the cell where it regulates the fluid volume in the body. Sodium performs a significant role in neuronal and nerve signalling.

This major electrolyte is found inside the cell. Potassium is crucial for the proper functioning of the muscles, kidneys, nerves, heart, and digestive system.

This electrolyte promotes normal muscle and nerve activity. It maintains a steady heart rhythm and supports a strong immune system. Magnesium promotes stronger bones and is involved in regulating normal blood sugar levels. Magnesium plays a key role in promoting normal blood pressure

Why does bone broth have a beneficial effect on our intestinal health?

The gelatin, collagen and other proteins and peptides contained in FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth;

a) help to protect the intestinal mucosa,
b) have a harmonizing effect on the intestinal flora,
c) reduce inflammation,
d) support the structure of the intestinal wall and
e) even help with digestive processes.

Nowadays more and more people suffer from digestive problems and intestinal diseases. Due to our western diet, which is rich in carbohydrates and sugar, gluten sensitivity, an excess of inflammation-promoting foods, antibiotics or a small intestine overgrowth of bacteria, many people have an unbalanced intestinal flora, (a condition called Dysbiosis) without most of us even being aware of it.

The problem occurs when the carbohydrates and sugars we consume mainly nourish the bad bacteria that reside in our intestines.

If these bad bacteria increase too much, in comparison to the good bacteria, the intestinal wall can be compromised, forming tiny holes in the protective lining (Leaky Gut Syndrome) and enabling metabolic waste and microbial toxins can escape and enter the bloodstream.

From there, these toxins can initiate inflammation all over the body, which, if left unchecked, can lead to chronic diseases.

FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth can help to eliminate dysbiosis and restore the natural balance of our intestinal flora.

The collagen contained in bone broth acts like a coat, which wraps around the wall of the intestine and protects it.

Digestion that is impaired due to dysbiosis, can set off a cascade of conditions like immunodeficiency and allergies. Bone broth is also said to have a healing effect in these cases.

FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth is an excellent source of bioavailable nutrients in an "easy-to-use" and "easy-to-digest" form.

FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth assists to "heal and seal" your gut, while it also promotes the absorption of essential nutrients.

What ingredients does a good bone stock contain?

FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth contains many valuable ingredients that can help to prevent holes in the intestine and the negative effects on our health. These include primarily collagens, amino acids such as glutamine, proline, glycine, glycosaminoglycans, and even essential omega-3 fatty acids, but only if they are also derived from grazing cattle that have had the opportunity to feed on herbs and grasses.

In addition to these valuable components, our unique New Zealand bone broth provides the important minerals magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. These are essential for our bones and muscles and are often required in higher quantities from food, especially in old age.

This is why bone broth is said to help with diseases such as osteoporosis or muscle wasting. New Zealand bone broth has a healing effect on joint problems and arthrosis due to its unique blend of ingredients.

FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth is a perfect warm, calorie-reduced, quickly prepared, paleo- or keto-oriented snack and it is available in 5 flavour varieties:

Is FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth effective for anti-aging?

Collagens are not only building blocks for the joints and intestines, but also for skin and hair. Specifically, they are structural proteins and are responsible for strength and elasticity. This is why FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth is commonly used for its anti-aging effect. In addition, our New Zealand bone broth contains the trace element called silica, which is an important structural element of skin and hair.

Is FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth a good alternative to common protein shakes?

• Absolutely!

Excellent for strength athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our New Zealand bone broth is very high in essential protein content. It is a spicy alternative and a welcome change to all the overly-sweetened protein shake powders that are usually offered.

FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth is a perfect warm, calorie-reduced, quickly prepared, paleo- or keto-oriented snack and it is available in 5 flavour varieties:


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How to Use

Add two scoops into your FREZZOR shaker bottle and fill with 8-10oz of pure clean warm water for a delicious savory broth or soup.


FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth