Top 5 Benefits Of FREZZOR Superfoods: What Does Science Say?

Top 5 Benefits Of FREZZOR Superfoods: What Does Science Say?

You absolutely need to include FREZZOR's Superfood raw energy supplement in your fitness regimen. Why? That's what we will be discussing in this article. There are various evidence-based reasons why superfoods comprise the main ingredients of FREZZOR supplements. We will see how the unique superfoods in FREZZOR's Superfood raw energy supplement make it one of the healthiest supplements available on the market. Let's get started!


Let's understand superfoods

Superfoods are "super" as they are jam-packed with vital, health-supporting nutrients like trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, cofactors, phytonutrients, and other bioactive compounds. These foods frequently have several health-promoting effects due to their significant nutrient content. Most superfoods are also low in calories and contain complex energy sources, making them healthy energy sources.

Due to the therapeutic and health potentials of superfoods, they find a way to FREZZOR supplements. The superfoods included in this organic superfood powder are all obtained from New Zealand, another unique aspect of it. Why is it relevant? Read on.


Why are superfoods produced in New Zealand superior?

This is due to the geography of New Zealand, the ozone hole above the country. The ozone layer hole in the upper atmosphere is harmful to people and animals, but thanks to the plant kingdom because it turns out to be good for us. The plant's response to the additional UV radiation that enters the atmosphere through the ozone hole is what has a positive effect.


According to research, plants create plenty more antioxidants than usual to defend themselves against the harm caused by this increased UV light radiation. When we eat foods cultivated in New Zealand, we consume a higher density of antioxidants and thereby directly benefit from the plant's innate self-protective mechanisms.


Moreover, New Zealand's stringent quality assurance ensures prompt, careful processing following harvesting and the absence of pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, and monocultures.


A bit about FREZZOR superfood raw energy

FREZZOR Superfood Raw Energy Powder is an all-natural, vegan shake free of magnesium stearate, artificial flavors, added colors, sweeteners, and added sugars. This daily energy superfood powder also happens to be lactose, gluten, preservative, fertilizer, and pesticide-free. It's intended to be included in your daily routine to enhance your health.


Due to their high concentrations of powerful antioxidants, including polyphenols, flavonoids, and quercetin, as well as numerous micronutrients frequently lacking in the Western diet, FREZZOR Superfood Raw Energy has chosen certain Superfood powders as its focus. Most of the superfood powders inside are referred to as adaptogens, which aid the body in better adjusting to the stress of daily life.


This unique blend of FREZZOR Superfood Raw Energy Powder also contains probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, healthy fats, and essential fatty acids. It's an organic superfood powder that will uplift your health.


Scientifically proven health benefits of some FREZZOR Superfoods

1. Hemp protein powder

Regarding the content of amino acids (AA) and protein structure, which affect the body's ability to absorb and utilize the protein, hemp protein is of extraordinarily high quality. With all of the necessary amino acids available and excellent digestibility, hemp proteins are regarded as a healthy source of protein. The hydrolyzed peptides have diverse positive effects on health, including anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, and antihypertensive properties.


2. Flax seed powder

Flaxseed is an excellent source of alpha-Linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, dietary fiber, and lignan, specifically Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside. Alpha linoleic acid is good for cardiovascular health, lowering blood triglycerides, and baby brain development.


Dietary fiber from flaxseed has good effects on reducing constipation, maintaining healthy bowel movements, and acting as a hypocholesterolemic agent. By preventing the growth of tumors, the dietary fibers and omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed help lower the risk of cancer, especially breast and colon cancer.


3. Barley grass powder

Vitamins A, B1, C, and E, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), lutonarin, superoxide dismutase, potassium, calcium, selenium, flavonoids, saponarin, tryptophan, chlorophyll, dietary fiber, polysaccharide, alkaloid, polyphenols, and metallothioneins are just a few examples of the functional ingredients abundant in barley grass.


In addition to promoting sleep, barley grass also protects the liver, controls blood pressure, boosts immunity, and has anti-diabetic properties. In addition to preventing hypoxia, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, lethargy, and constipation, it is a beautiful calcium supplement.


4. Kiwifruit enzymes

The two major kiwifruit enzymes are actinidin and bromelain, which helps with digestion. It also helps to prevent bloating, stomach upset, and inflammation.


5. Black currant powder

Blackcurrants' unique qualities result from their biological constituents, some of which include anthocyanins, flavonols, phenolic acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It also possesses potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective and antioxidant effects.


6. Gold kiwi powder

Vitamins C, E, K, folate, carotenoids, potassium, fiber, and phytochemicals found in abundance in gold kiwifruits work synergistically to provide a variety of health advantages. It raises healthy cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol as well as triglycerides, platelet aggregation, and high blood pressure. Iron deficiency is improved by eating gold kiwifruit and foods high in iron. It also helps to reduce oxidative stress and enhance immunity.


7. Grape seed powder

Several phenolic flavonoids with functional properties found in grape seeds include catechin, epicatechin, procyanidins, gallic acid, and ellagic acid. According to reports, these flavonoids have antioxidant activity, which helps them fight off different cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and several skin ailments.


8. Globe artichoke powder

In addition to high-quality inulin, fibers, and minerals, edible sections of artichokes are one of the diet's best sources of polyphenols with high bioavailability. It has cholesterol-lowering effects and powerful inflammatory properties. 


The polyphenol concentration of artichoke flower heads directly correlates with their high overall antioxidant capacity, which is among the highest reported for plants. It's the main ingredient in raw greens superfood powder.


9. Beetroot powder

Beetroot contains a lot of dietary nitrates, which support raising your body's nitric oxide levels. Additionally, it has significant levels of folate, zinc, vitamin C, and iron. It also helps to detoxify the body, particularly the liver, while boosting the immune system.


Additionally, it has caffeic acid, phenols, epicatechins, and other antioxidants such as carotenoids and carotenes. Vitamins E, C, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, and betalains are thought to be responsible for their potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


10. Broccoli sprout powder

Sulforaphane, a substance in broccoli sprouts, possesses bactericidal, cardioprotective, anticancer, and antihypertensive effects. It aids in boosting the plasma's overall antioxidant capacity and reducing oxidative stress markers, insulin resistance, lipid peroxidation, and serum triglycerides.


Nephropathy, fibrosis brought on by diabetes, and vascular problems might all be avoided by sulforaphane. This too is included in rawgreens superfood powder due to its immense nourishing potential.


These are just the top 10 superfoods used in it, and this daily energy superfood powder contains 50+ such powerful superfoods. Just imagine the amount of healthy nutrients you will be having! Isn't this supplement worth having? What do you think? Comment below!