Green Tea Benefits For Leaky Gut and Sugar Level Management

Green Tea For Leaky Gut and Managing Sugar Levels

Gut problems are one of the most common concerns nowadays. A leaky gut is one of the most common concerns when you have a permeable intestinal wall. This can lead bacteria and toxins to leak from your intestines to other places in your body.

New research has come into place on whether green tea can help decrease a leaky gut and improve your sugar levels.

In this article, I will gather evidence to determine if adding green tea to your diet can benefit your health.

What Is Leaky Gut?

The digestive system is where you digest and absorb the nutrients you take from food. Your intestines have walls to prevent toxins, chemicals, and bacteria from leaking into your other organs.

While there are some gaps for the water and nutrients to pass through, the problem arises when these gaps are wide enough for harmful things to pass through. This is what is often referred to as "leaky gut."

Some of the most common symptoms are problems digesting foods, stomach cramps, bloating, food sensitivities, and fatigue.

There is still not a lot of scientific evidence regarding this condition. However, there is some hypothesis about how you can end up having a leaky gut. Here are some of the most likely things that can increase your chances of leaky gut symptoms.

  • Unhealthy diet. A diet high in sugars, alcohol, and high-fat foods can increase the risk of this condition.
  • Nutritional deficiency. Studies have shown that vitamin A, zinc, and vitamin D deficiencies can increase the risk of a leaky gut.
  • Inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to several repercussions. One of them is a leaky gut.
  • Stress. There is a strong connection between your brain and your gut. That is why when you get stressed, you might have stomach pains or even go to the bathroom more frequently. Increased stress can also lead to an increased risk of a leaky gut.
  • Poor gut health. When you don't have the right gut microbiome, you have digestive issues like bloating and difficulty digesting foods.

Why Should You Worry About Your Sugar Levels

Now that we have talked about leaky gut, let's dig into your sugar levels.

High sugar levels are associated with an increased risk of diabetes.

To prevent your sugar levels from spiking, your body releases a hormone called insulin which is the one in charge of taking all that sugar in your blood and placing it inside your cells. However, on some occasions, this hormone might not work correctly. This often leads to high sugar levels.

Even if you have normal sugar levels, you must be careful about having a significant sugar response.

This means your body doesn't like when you add a high-sugar food which increases your sugar response. While your body might be able to manage it,this constant up and down in your sugar levels can lead to an increased risk of hormone imbalances, cravings, and lack of energy.

Ultimately, you want to have stable sugar levels throughout the day.

Green Tea Benefits for Leaky Gut and Sugar Levels

Benefits for Leaky Gut and Sugar Levels

So, why are we talking about green tea and sugar levels?

A recent study published in June 2022 in the Current Developments in Nutrition found that green tea can benefit leaky gut and sugar levels.

In the study, for 28 days, 40 participants were given either a gummy containing catechins (antioxidants) from green tea or a placebo gummy. The number of catechins received in each gummy was the equivalent of taking 5 cups of green tea.

The study concluded that those who took the gummy with the green tea antioxidants saw a reduction in their glucose levels and inflammation. They also found that it decreased the permeability in the wall intestines reducing the risk of leaky gut.

There were no effects on fasting insulin levels, triglycerides, or cholesterol levels.

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Other Benefits Of Green Tea

Benefits Of Green Tea

There are other benefits of adding green tea to your diet. Here are some of the benefits you can only obtain.

  • It can boost brain function. Thanks to its caffeine content, it acts as a stimulant for the Central Nervous System (CNS), making you feel more focused and energetic. Additionally, its L-threonine content can help reduce your anxiety levels.
  • It might reduce the risk of heart problems. Research shows that green tea can reduce LDL cholesterol levels, which is responsible for increasing heart disease risk.
  • Weight loss. Studies have shown that green tea might slightly increase your metabolic rate. This means that it helps you burn more calories, leading to a caloric deficit (eating fewer calories than your body needs) to help you lose weight.

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How Much To Take

To replicate the study, you would have to consume 5 cups of coffee daily to obtain the same amount of antioxidants. If you can manage to do it, then it's perfect.

Studies have shown that you can still benefit from taking only one cup of green tea daily.

If you are not too keen on taking green tea, you can include a green tea supplement that can give you all the benefits without having to drink it.

Green Tea Matcha Recipe

There are several ways you can include green tea into your diet.

One of my favorite ways is to drink matcha, like green tea but with more antioxidants and other nutrients.

Here is an easy matcha latte recipe I know you will love.

Matcha Latte Recipe


  • 1 cup of the milk of your choice
  • 2 teaspoons matcha powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Sweetener of your choice
  • Ice


  1. In a blender, combine all the ingredients except for the ice. Blend until you get a smooth drink.
  2. Add the smoothie into a glass with the ice cubes.

As a tip, I often like to add one scoop of vanilla protein powder to increase the smoothie's nutritional value.

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The Bottom Line

Green tea can benefit you in several ways, such as decreasing the risk of a leaky gut and improving your sugar levels. Adding one to five cups of green tea per day can give you all the nutrients and antioxidants you need to reduce inflammation, protect your heart, and boost your brain.

You can take it in its natural form (as tea) or buy a green tea supplement if you don't like to drink it.