FREZZOR Super Greens Powder: Your Detox Bestie

FREZZOR Super Greens Powder: Your Detox Bestie

It turns out that the world is out to get us.  Well, sort of.  Its components are, anyway.  From chemical agents to toxins, there’s a lot of “bad stuff” in the world that can be entering our bodies daily.  Ever wondered why you see so many detox products around?  Now you can get to the bottom of it, relying on accurate information and natural ingredients.  Take a look at just you can do with the right know-how.


Fight back against the world

When looking to fight back against the world and its possible harmful ingredients, you need to rely on the right ingredients of your own.  Amongst the most helpful will be super greens capsules, though you’ll need to take a close look at them to see just why that is. 


What does FREZZOR Super Greens Powder contain?

While not a complete list of ingredients, here is a sneak peek into the raw power of FREZZOR Super Greens when it comes to your body and its needs.


Barleygrass powder

Especially loaded with vitamin C, this will help strengthen your immune system for better protection. This active ingredient can also help detoxify your body from the toxins common in both the environment and food choices, supporting your liver and kidneys as it works.  It also will help support digestion for better bathroom regularity.


Wheatgrass powder

Another great choice loaded with vitamins and minerals often lacking in our diets (such as vitamin A and vitamin E); this powder also has excellent calcium and amino acids to help support stronger bones and better muscle health. This helps fitness goals and daily life.


    Green oat powder

    Green oats are harvested young and have plenty of nutrients in trace form. These include chromium, which can support weight loss efforts, and alkaloids, which can help stimulate your central nervous system, amongst many other trace elements. The strength of these trace elements is often lost as the oat harvest matures.


    Wakame seaweed

    Loaded with iodine, iron, and folate, this powdered seaweed is a reliable source and a lean source for potent sources of these three nutrients. While seen as a garnish, having proper potency in this will do a lot for your body, including regulating hormone levels and even helping manage cholesterol levels.


    Globe artichoke powder

    Another detoxifying ingredient, this helps support your liver’s health and produce bile, which is known for aiding in digestion and promoting regularity. These things help effectively cleanse the body and support cleansing and detoxing from those heavy metals and toxins all around.


    Stinging nettle leaf powder

    This natural diuretic continues the trend of working as a detoxifying ingredient for the body -- the kind that doesn’t leave you with a caffeine crash. It will help flush and cleanse chemicals and toxins from the body, as the others do.  This can help your body maintain a healthy inflammation response and can even help relieve allergy symptoms in some cases.



    Saving the best for last, UAF1000+ is a cornerstone “ingredient” in this super greens protein powder. Separating FREZZOR from the competition, this is a proprietary blend of seven antioxidants that will harmonize with the other active ingredients.  A powerful combination of carefully selected antioxidants; these will help right free radicals in the body, which can cause cellular damage and other long-term health problems. 


    Where does the detoxing come in?

    If you’ve read through these selected ingredients from the list, you’ll see that quite a few do diligent work as detox ingredients.  How this helps is a matter of taking a look at detoxing from a broader point of view.


    Our bodies accumulate toxins and chemicals all day, every day.   These come from the environment, industrialization, farmed food sources, and more.  Every person living in a modern world has some amount of toxin content in them.


    When working together in the proper potencies, such as those in super greens capsules, these naturally detoxifying ingredients can seek out the chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and more that are simply hiding in your body without your knowledge.  These are pushed through the digestive tract and out.  Your body will be clean and ready to go for another day.


    While detoxing isn’t required, it is a good idea to help prevent yourself from common side effects such as premature aging, food sensitivities, and even premature onset of predisposed hereditary conditions. 


    Why take a chance?

    If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about taking a chance on living with toxins (not to mention the “ick” factor), then you’re in the right place.  Realistically speaking, there are so many advantages to consider when seriously debating adding in the right dietary supplement choice.  Take a look:


    • Choose from a loose powder or a capsule: Want to try a loose powder in your smoothie? Go for it.  Prefer a poppable capsule that you can take just like any other pill or vitamin?  That’s here too; same ingredients, same benefits.


    • Helps you reach your daily green totals effortlessly: No time or inclination for steamed veggies? This is a great choice -- especially for kids.


    • You get the antioxidant value in UAF1000+: Specific only to the FREZZOR brand, you’ll get potent antioxidants to give you even more benefits.


    • Rely on supercharged natural ingredients from NZ: Due to a natural hole in the ozone layer, all ingredients sourced from NZ will be the strongest on the planet.


    • Enjoy a stronger immune system: A strong immune system is one of the best defenses -- literally -- against COVID-19. Any little thing that you can do to help keep that as high as possible will help.


    These benefits, along with others, are waiting for you in your preferred form of super greens powder.  When you see it all listed out like that, it’s might just be hard to think of reasons why you shouldn’t go for these easy additions.  So, if you want to fight back against the world and all of the things that are trying to “get” you, a capsule or powdered scoop of greens will give you just the correct ammunition.