Top Chefs from around the world trust the unique Flaky Sea Salt, sourced from the coastline of Marlborough, New Zealand, to enhance their culinary creations.

Our FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt is prized by the most discerning palates for its superb flavour, soft texture and versatility when combined with fine cuisine.

These light, delicate flakes of sea salt gently adhere to your food, bringing out its best flavour without being overwhelming as rock salt does.

New Zealand is located at the perfect junction of where the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific intersect with the mighty mineral rich seas of the Southern Ocean.

Nutrient-rich ocean currents from the deep South sweep up the East Coast of New Zealand and into the pristine salt lakes of Marlborough, at the top of the South Island.

When the South Pacific tide finally recedes, and the dry north-westerly wind blows across the pristine salt lakes of Lake Grassmere, a cloak of white gracefully falls across the land, as clean and fresh as a new snowfall.

Each new salt flake contains the concentrated essence of the South Pacific seas and the Southern Ocean. They reflect the massive nutrient abundance found in the richest ocean in the world, the great Southern Ocean.

The southern most location of New Zealand in the South Pacific provides clean and pure coastal waters around New Zealand that are isolated from the saturation of micro-plastics, which typically find their way to other regions of the world.

FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt has excellent adherence qualities; it will stick to almost any food. This brings new taste sensations to your favourite foods and recipes and is ideal for finishing the finest foods.

The delicate crystal of FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt dissolves quickly and easily on the palate, and this means you greatly enhance the flavours of your food while you use less salt. All this makes FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt both a nutritious and healthy accompaniment for fine food.



What is unique about FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt?

FREZZOR non-iodized, mineral-rich sea salt belongs to the natural salts and is therefore not a conventional table salt. It is free of any chemical additives or anti-caking agents; FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt contains minerals and trace elements as they occur naturally. Due to the delicate consistency of the sea salt flakes, you can grind them with your fingertips and sprinkle them easily over your food. The taste is exceptionally mild and harmonious, and it unobtrusively emphasizes the inherent flavor of the food, which is why it is a favorite among adults and children.

In what form is FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt available?

We offer FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt in both a practical bag for everyday cooking at home (210 grams) and in a small practical jar (25 grams) to take along in your handbag because we want to make it possible for our customers to season their food with a guaranteed natural salt even when they visit a restaurant.

Why is it so important to supply the body with salt?

Salt is vital to humans because it maintains bodily functions. Since the body cannot produce it, we need to consume salt in specific amounts. It ensures that our body is supplied with nutrients and regulates our entire water balance and metabolism. Salt also transmits nerve impulses and is vital for the heart, bones, and muscles. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that the salt you consume has not been denatured beforehand because we think that it makes sense to supply the body with salt in its original and natural form.

What is the difference between conventional salt and natural salt?

Conventional salt, such as table salt, undergoes a chemical refining process. Almost all elements that are important for the body, such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc., are filtered out. As a result, only two elements, sodium, and chloride, now make up supermarket-grade table salt after a refining process, which is also known as sodium chloride. Refined salt, unlike a natural salt such as sea salt, lacks valuable minerals and trace elements. Natural salt or primal salt, on the other hand, is left in its natural, original form.

How is FREZZOR Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt obtained?

For centuries, sea salt has been extracted in the same way through salt marshes. The fundamental prerequisite for salt extraction in a salt garden is the presence of unique climatic factors. For sea salt extraction, seawater is directed into shallow collection basins, evaporating over time under the influence of solar heat, drought, and wind. The salt crystals eventually settle at the bottom of the collection basin and can then be harvested.

What is the advantage of New Zealand sea salt?

New Zealand is the perfect place that meets all the requirements for good, natural sea salt. The climatic conditions, i.e., plenty of sunshine, warm winds, and clean, clear seawater, naturally support sea salt production on the east coast of New Zealand. Unlike other salt flats around the globe, there are strong ocean currents off the east coast of New Zealand that bring clean, clear seawater from the Antarctic regions, sweeping through the deep clear waters of New Zealand and guaranteeing the clean, excellent quality of FREZZOR sea salt.

Does sea salt need a best before date?

In its purest form, sea salt is a composition of minerals, i.e., an inorganic compound, and therefore has an unlimited shelf life. Therefore, a best-before date is not mandatory on a package unless herbs or spices have been added to the sea salt. However, in order not to unsettle our customers, we nevertheless indicate a best-before date.

Is it normal for sea salt to sometimes be moist?

It is pretty standard for sea salt to contain residual moisture, sometimes as much as 10%. So it is expected that there may be variations in the consistency and color of natural products. If the sea salt is too moist for the salt mill, and to prevent the mill from sticking, you can leave the salt open in a bowl for some time to dry out.