Looking For A Sweet Treat That Shuts Down Inflammation – Ordinary Manuka Honey Can’t Do It, But Ours Can.  

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Manuka Honey UAF1000+®  FREZZOR New Zealand Manuka Honey | Antioxidant Superfood Supplement
18 Bacteria Strains • 60 Billion CFU • UAF1000+ Superfoods
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Every Serving Contains

✓ 60 billion CFUs (live organisms) guaranteed

✓ 18 Unique probiotic strains

✓ 24 fermented Prebiotic whole foods 

✓ Two types of Dietary fiber

✓ Patent Pending UAF1000+ Super Antioxidant

Why Choose FREZZOR Probiotic+Prebiotic capsules?

Superior Performance

 Our FREZZOR Probiotic have been “enteric coated” making it more robust, acid tolerant, and shelf stable than other probiotic strains

More Effective

We guarantee over 60 billion live probiotic organisms from 18 beneficial strains, ensuring that you get the most effective range of probiotics from every dose

Synergistic Effect

Because we blend our FREZZOR Probiotic +Prebiotic with a full range of fermented whole foods, we ensure that our probiotics are getting the optimal nutrition they need be effective and protect your health     


Feel Better In 3-months 

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Forget Boosting and Start Balancing 

Over the past few years, we have been hammered with messages like “boost our Zinc, take more Vitamin C, Increase our Vitamin D & Quercetin”, and yes these are important nutrients, but even more important is reseeding and repopulating our microbiome with a world-class probiotic and prebiotic which is critical for optimal health and well-being.  

In 2021*, a team of US researchers published in the Nature Journal; having a healthy and diverse population of gut bacteria as we age was an accurate predictor of healthy aging. The more diverse the better, because we are better protected from illnesses.

Pharmaceutical drugs, inferior quality supplements, and processed foods disrupt and destroy your gut bacteria, start re-balancing your gut with FREZZOR Probiotic +Prebiotics for a longer, healthier life.

* Ref: https://www.nature.com/articles/s42255-021-00348-0

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Probiotic bacteria face huge challenges as they transit through your gastrointestinal system.

Despite these challenges, they must function correctly when they enter the microbiome.
Acid Tolerance 
The First Challenge is to survive the acidic environment of the stomach. 

Bile Salt Tolerance
The Second Challenge is to survive the start of the small intestine near the region of the common bile duct. Bile is very alkaline and is intended to neutralize stomach acid. Bile can also kill certain bacteria.  

Adhesion Ability
The Third Challenge is to be able to adhere or stick to the lining of the intestinal wall without being swept away into the lower gut and excreted as waste. 

They Must Be Effective
If the probiotic overcomes and succeeds against these THREE challenges that typically destroy other probiotics,
they then need to become highly effective and function correctly by generating a significant health benefit. 

Shelf Life 
Finally, what you want from a great probiotic is one that will remain shelf stable and not "die off" within a week or so of getting it home,
which is a common issue with many brands of probiotic bacteria. 

We Created A Great Probiotic Blend Of 18 Unique Strains Which Is Significantly More Effective.

Probiotic: Pro Tip
One useful approach to extending the shelf life of your probiotic is to keep it in the refrigerator. Even if your probiotic is shelf stable at room temperature,
it will always be more effective, and you will greatly extend its shelf life if it is kept refrigerated.     

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Take Three (3) capsules daily with a meal or after a meal, or more as needed.

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