FREZZOR Global Ambassador Program, Earn 20% Commission Join Now!

Global Ambassador

Earn 20% Commission on every
sale. Receive free products.
And other great benefits!

How Does It Work?


Once you become a FREZZOR Global Ambassador, you will enter pending ambassador mode. From here you will choose the FREZZOR products you would like to try for FREE to get started. Number of products will depend on number of followers on Facebook or Instagram.

<1k Followers - 1 Product
1k-10k Followers - 2 Products
10k+ Followers - 3 Products

Create Content

For the free products you receive, you will record unboxing videos. Click Here to see video guidelines. For ambassadors receiving 2 or 3 products, you are required to post videos on your personal social media. Ambassadors receiving one product do not need to post on their personal social media.


Once we recieve your video, we will approve you as a FREZZOR Global Ambassador, and you will receive your FREZZOR t-shirt and a personal referral link. You will earn 20% commission on all orders placed under your Global Ambassador link. You may advertise your link however you would like. Global Ambassadors will then have the option to receive one free product a month and create either unboxing or product review videos.