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SUSTAINABLE: Sustainability is very important to us and therefore we are committed to protect and preserve our beautiful clean green New Zealand. Our products are 100% sustainable.

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Frezzor Product of the Month Frezzor Product of the Month

FREZZOR MANUKA HONEY UAF1000+ is raw & infused with Noel Turner’s “Seven Sacred Superfoods” anti-aging antioxidants: Blackcurrant, Kiwifruit, Boysenberry, Grape Seed, Red Grape Skin Extracts, Pine Bark & Fulvic Acid. Improve microbiome digestive health with microbial, fungal, viral, bacterial neutralizing superfood prebiotics & probiotics. Advanced anti-microbial topical skincare heals wounds naturally, relieving chronic conditions.

List Price: USD 38.99          USD 29.24   

* This special offering discount may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, and/or bulk discounts. If your order contains items that qualify for this special offering discount and the bulk discount, we will apply the discount that results in the greater savings.

Welcome to New Zealand, the Home of FREZZOR!

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